On the afternoon of April 2nd, OKEx officially announced the OKJumpstart sales rules on its official website. According to the rules, OKJumpstart will be sold by appointment and lottery, and OKB is the only pass that can be used for appointment and payment. In addition, according to the user's valid OKB positions in the past seSecure Bitcoin walletven days, different winning coefficients from 0 to 5 will be obtained. The larger the winning coefficient, the higher the probability of winning. The minimum position for each account is 500 and the highest is 2500 OKB. In addition, OKEx has announced its first OKJumpstart project as Block Cloud (BLOC) on April 1, but the specific launch time is not yet known.

On December 19, 2017, one month after revealing to employees when to fully support BCH, Coinbase suddenly issued an announcement and opened BCH buying and selling orders within a few minutes. Unexpectedly, those who got the news immediately poured into Coinbase and GDAX to place orders, diluting liquidity and obtaining BCH at an appropriate price.

October 1, 2018 was my fifth year in prison. The irony is that my current living environment is roughly similar to that after my arrest in 2013. I was detained again in SHU (Special Housing Unit, also known as "dong"). This meant that I was kept in a small cell, isolated from ordinary prisoners, and imprisoned permanently. Here, there is only a heavy metal door with a trough for passing food trays, a small steel toilet, and a concrete bunk with thick rings on the four corners (I think this is to turn me off when I go crazy. Used for binding), the paint peeled off on the walls and floor, some gang names and desperate Bible quotes were engraved on them, and thick marks were engraved everywhere, recording the days spent by former prisoners here.

On October 10th, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) analyst Kevin Davitt stated that in the past 20 days, Bitcoin’s historical volatility (HV), that is, the average daily price change rate, has fallen to 31.5%, which is higher than that of Nvidia, Amazon, Netflix is ​​even lower. Looking back in December last year, when the Bitcoin price hit a new high of nearly $20,000, the figure was as high as 140%, which was much higher than these companies.

Bitcoin was the first to be born, a bit like the first creature in the biological world. Because of its inspiration, various other currencies were born, formerly called altcoins and so on. Some people think that Bitcoin has led to the monopoly of mining, so some new algorithms gave birth to Litecoin and gave birth to something like Ethereum. This is the first latitude of evolution.

For the blockchain implementation of private transactions, it may be more complicated to build through the Substrate framework. In addition, as of now, many technical names of this technical solution have not been finalized, so you willSecure Bitcoin wallet see different versions of the statement in different places. But here are some simple things about what you need to achieve in order to get a full blockchain up and running:

March is the worst month for cryptocurrency exchanges. Just a few days after the CoinBene hacking incident, Bithumb was hacked again, with a loss of approximately $18.7 million, including EOS worth $12.5 million and Ripple worth $6.2 million. Different from the hacking incidents encountered by other exchanges, Bithumb believes that the theft was a guardian and self-stealing by a former Bithumb employee who had the right to use his hot wallet.

There is another time besides Newton time. This time is called Bergson time. Henri Bergson (Henri Bergson) is a French philosopher. For Bergson, time is a continuous torrent. It is non-homogeneous and irreversible. It is also divergent, developing freely and continuously innovating. This time is human time. In other words, this time is social time. It is not physical time.

When Satoshi Nakamoto first released the Bitcoin software, I immediately grabbed a copy. I think I am the first person outside of Satoshi Nakamoto to run Bitcoin software. I dug about block 70, and I was the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction. At that time, Satoshi Nakamoto sent me 10 Bitcoins for testing. A few days later, I had an email conversation with Satoshi Nakamoto, mainly because I reported the errors that I found, and then he fixed them.

GUSD and PAX have many similarities with USDT: they are all issued by private companies, they are all issued based on a public chain, and they are all secured by the US dollar reserve in the company's bank account, and the goal is to anchor the US dollar 1:1. But they also have very significant differences: GUSD and PAX are the first stablecoins to be regulated by relevant government regulatory agencies, and although USDT sits on the top of the stable currency, due to the lack of transparency and insufficient audit procedures, it is against USDT. Questions about the adequacy of reserves have been endless.