But is this obsession with TPS too much? Except for some relatively professional projects, fast and stable completion of transactions is crucial for all projects. However, in the wider financial technology field, this phenomenon does not exist. The global payment giant PayPal processes milliBitcoin Indexons of transactions every day, but on average 193 transactions per second. This is still a long way from the holy grail of 1 million transactions per second in the blockchain world, but not many people will question the future development prospects of PayPal.

Roubini said that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency is only fictional, and its degree of centralization exceeds that of North Korea. He believes that mining companies and cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized, and even called Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin a centralized dictator.

FIU conducts research on the domestic financial industry, including banks, securities, insurance, investment, credit card service companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges. After a comprehensive assessment, it is found that although banks have better systems to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, banks are more susceptible to these illegal activities than any other financial institution. The research results pointed out:

Tomahawk touts that TOM bridges the bridge between the two worlds and is also Tomahawk's equity. The materials provided by Tomahawk online also clearly link TOM with equity, emphasizing the equity conversion function, claiming that Tomahawk owners and investors are eligible to exchange Tomahawk for a corresponding share of the company’s equity. Tomahawk also emphasized that investors can profit by trading TOM and converting to equity by choosing. The slogan is Tomahawk: Buying it once will pay you twice.

According to a report released by CitizenLab, an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Toronto, Egypt is secretly conducting cryptocurrency mining through its citizens’ computers. The report explained that they used Sandvine/ProceraNetworks deep packet inspection (DPI) equipment to raise funds secretly in Egypt, mainly through advertising and cryptocurrency mining.

However, these values ​​are usually not clearly stated. If we enumerate them one by one, we will find that technology is international, capitalist, decentralized, extremely deflationary, networked, encrypted, digital, and not. Stable, ambitious, and quietly change-these Bitcoin Indexare the values ​​of technology.