The third halving is expected to occur in May 2020. People have made some bold predictions about the price of Bitcoin: Bitcoin bull and billionaire Tim Draper believes that the price of a Bitcoin may soar to $250,000; Buffett 'sBooks founder PrestonPysh said that Bitcoin may surge to $300,000 Get bitcoin for freeafter the halving; former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager RaoulPal predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million within 3 years; the founding of the Dark Web Silk Road Ross Ulbricht predicts that the price of a bitcoin may reach an astronomical figure of 3.3 billion US dollars.

The parabolic trend of BTC continued into mid-December, partly due to the BCH hard fork last August. Those who own a large amount of Bitcoin get free coins. BCH has also fallen, and we are looking for other cryptocurrencies. The third factor is USDT and the large amount of liquidity entering the market through exchanges, he added.

Lopp: Yes, I mean we still have a long way to go. I think Bitcoin needs three things. If we really want to continue to develop, one is scalability, in order to be able to process enough data for more and more people to use this system; the second is security, where people honestly don’t want to be their own bank. They don't want to go through all the troubles, considering all the edge cases, well, protecting their private keys is protecting their money. The last is usability

Ben Horowitz is also full of confidence in the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency. He believes that "it is very likely that most of the things we need will eventually be encrypted. Then we have to reconsider the social organization structure." But first, his female partner Some successful investment cases have to be paid in this field.

The first question is whether there has been an ICO? . Song believes that raising funds through ICO means that the platform is not truly decentralized, because these funds will eventually be managed by a small group of people. In other words, if someone controls the funds of a project, it means that its management is centralized.

Look away from the galaxy and look at the large group of cells in the body that are Get bitcoin for freeworking tirelessly to accomplish certain impossible tasks. This reminds us of human beings, these self-makers who have passed through the ice age, looking into the mirror and science Magic, of course they don't just want to see his wild face and himself. He came because he was eager to listen, looking for a realm that was beyond him.

For the November 2018 hard fork, there are two different code upgrade schemes, each with their own supporters, but they can be summarized as BitcoinABC and Nchain. Ironically, these codes are compatible with each other if they are updated, but both groups rejected the other's proposal.