CSW once attacked ABC for collecting money from Bitmain. In fact, ABC proposed at the beHow to set up a Bitcoin mining serverginning of the year that it needed to hire developers to undertake primary work and share the pressure of major developers. Bitmain’s donation was rejected, and ABC was unwilling to accept an attack like CSW. Subsequently, Wu Jihan suggested to raise development funds through a miner tax, but it did not receive widespread support from the community, so nothing went wrong. However, the sponsor address announced on ABC's official website still received 785BCH funding, including 0.00625BCH per block funded by Bitcoin.com, a mining pool invested by RogerVer.

Regarding the resumption of the 312 incident, he also said that the manipulation of the big players is certainly one aspect, but the most important thing is the serial liquidation and death spiral caused by the liquidation engine of the derivatives. Due to the inevitability of supply and demand in the futures market, after all, every short or long position needs to have a counterparty. When the market is fully leveraged and is consistently bullish, the supply and demand relationship will be imbalanced and the shorts will hit the market as expected; when the market is fully leveraged and the bears are consistent, the bulls' counterattack will also come.

The command for creating an account is as follows: cleoscreateaccount[OPTIONS]creatornameOwnerKey[ActiveKey]OPTIONS represents related options, creator represents the account that pays EOS for this creation action, that is, the creator; name represents the name of the newly created account; OwnerKey and ActiveKey represent two Public keys, they have different permissions. Among them, OwnerKey authority is the highest authority of the account, and other authority can be modified. By default, ActiveKey authority can perform operations such as transfer, but cannot modify authority. The execution of operations such as transfers and smart contracts is carried out in the account, so the account name in the EOS world is actually the address of Ethereum. Unlike Ethereum, EOS account name is no longer a string of very long addresses, but an English letter + number (1234 + symbol (.), the longest 12 digits, the shortest 1 digit, which you can customize. Globally unique, first-come first-served, different lengths require different EOS for registration.

This type of stable currency is generally hosted by a centralized issuing body of assets (such as legal currency assets and gold) to a third-party organization and after strict auditing, stable currency that anchors the value of legal currency, such as USDT, PAX, TUSD, USDC and GUSD, etc., as well as DGX anchoring gold. The essence of this type of stable currency is the IOU (Financial Claim) issued by the issuer. The main difference between similar products lies in compliance, security and asset transparency. Among them, TUSD and USDC adopt the MoneyTrasmitter compliance path, while GUSD , PAX chose the TrustCompany compliance path, but there is no obvious difference between the two. However, stablecoins based on physical assets (such as gold) have not been widely promoted. The reason is that although physical assets have a stronger consensus on value, it is difficult to guarantee price stability. Therefore, it is out of the requirement of stablecoins that the currency price volatility is small Requirements.

Bitcoin is the original and longest lasting cryptocurrency, with the highest level of computing power, network effects, liquidity, market value, and arguably the highest number of "last hoarders". This article attempts to outline the most significant changes, milestones, and the positions of the so-called "small blockists" and "large blockists" in Bitcoin's past and its near future.

Logically speaking, USDT is so successful and widely accepted by the market, which means that USDT is scattered among a large number of users. This decentralization ensures that the vast majority of users are unable to find TetheHow to set up a Bitcoin mining serverr to refund money. Tether only needs to provide guarantees to users who have passed KYC.

The third model is a more radical proposal made by Cornell University (Cornelluniversity) researchers. They adopted a multi-unit second-price auction (multi-unit second-priceauction) fee model in the blockchain setting. .

"Accurate Bitcoin Short Hunting" we reviewed a battle that happened at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. Hot money took advantage of Bitmex's suspension to plan a massacre against short-term Bitcoin short positions on Bitmex. Through a series of precise operations such as pulling up spot, shorting high contracts, suppressing prices, and closing short contracts, a long tube of blood of 6650-7148 was drawn from short speculators. As spectators, we can clap our hands and applaud, but if you are the target of strangulation, it may not feel so good. You will resent these greedy hot money and hope to avenge them. It is a pity that the speculative market has always been so cruel. Under the seemingly calm curves and values, there are the dark sides of various human natures. For speculators, they must always be in awe of the market. When there is potential danger, it is best to avoid them first. However, the position on Bitmex has not decreased before 9 o'clock, and speculators are still dreaming of stable price fluctuations. This also teaches us a lesson. When the trading volume is not active, a small amount of funds can disturb the price. If the exchange is down, the market changes on other exchanges will cause a lot of your position. Risk, at this time we would rather give up the market outlook opportunity, first close out the position, and then re-establish the original position after the opening of the market there is no abnormality. Use a small fee for the safety of the entire position. Hot money took advantage this time and may come again next time, so we need to remember this lesson. For those who haven't read it, please pay attention to Bimawen and browse in the serial article.