The white paper of the project was translated by CindyDaily. She explained the reason why the development team decided not to anchor WHC and BCH in both directions, because there is still no safe and feasible method to achieve two-way anchoring. The platform will also charge gas fees related to smart contracts, which is a must for BCH exchanges. After paying the BCH network fee and WHC creation fee, anyone can use Wormhole to isBitcoin mining stockssue tokens. The WHC spent to create new tokens will also be burned, so the total supply of WHC will decrease over time.

Vitalik's rumored girlfriend is a man who has neat short hair and looks much older than him. "Wearing a uniform, holding a steering wheel, looking into the distance, melancholy eyes, especially amusing." A person familiar with the matter said that his rumored girlfriend often posted this kind of outdated Wenqing style selfies. After becoming the girlfriend of V God, the woman quickly switched from the original block chain conference organizer to the block chain boss posture, as if she was ready to give directions to Leek at any time.

Many scammers and pyramid schemes have also started new scams through the blockchain express. Millions of people have fallen into blockchain-related scams. A large number of blockchain project investors have suffered losses, and the entire society has also begun. Discuss whether blockchain financial innovation is a fraud. The blockchain has become demonized among ordinary people from the initial youth richness.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of the book "Mastering Bitcoin", a well-known Bitcoin educator and supporter, said in an interview last week that 2018 is not only the Lightning Network (Lightning Network) fast During the year of growth, the entire cryptocurrency field has made great progress in technical work during this year. Cryptocurrency can complete cross-border micropayments of less than 1 cent in a few milliseconds at a very low cost. Andreas Antonopoulos said that in terms of cross-border micropayments, there may be killer applications in the cryptocurrency field.

After the split of BTC and BCH, the two communities made a fuss for the cultural heritage of Bitcoin; and after the split of BCH and BSV, the inheritance rights of cultural heritage became more complicated. Who is the real Bitcoin and who is the real Bitcoin Cash? Many people may just watch as a joke, but this issue is worth thinking about.

The index is based on the price of digital assets on multiple spot exchanges. Lamb said that in the cryptoBitcoin mining stocks market, these contracts are susceptible to a form of manipulation called bangingtheclose, in which traders buy and sell large amounts of assets on relevant exchanges when futures expire to affect settlement prices.

Of course, half of FB’s total monthly activity of 2.4 billion may be zombie accounts. The global promotion of Libra may also take three, five years or even longer. However, no matter how estimated, if the Libra project can continue, There will be no changes to the graph on this chart, because the disparity here cannot be calculated by multiples, but only by orders of magnitude.

FinCEN is the main regulator and administrator of the Bank Secrecy Act, which imposes certain record keeping, reporting and other anti-money laundering (AML) compliance obligations on financial institutions (including currency service companies that conduct transactions in virtual currencies) . Federal authorities have previously stated that they will pay more attention to anti-money laundering compliance issues in the virtual currency field.