Suspicion of frozen accounts: Blockchain researcher Alex Lebed said that after conducting a code review of the GeminiDollar (GUSD) smart contract, he found that GUSD is contrary to the spirit and technical specifications of decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin. GUSD contains provisions that allow its custodian (ie Gemini) to freeze any account. GUSD uses the ERC20Proxy contract, allowing Gemini as the custodian to upgrade the contract every 48 hours, giving it the right to make all tokens non-traThe first bitcoin transactionnsferable.

Barclays Bank was first exposed in April this year of the cryptocurrency trading platform plan. At the time, they wanted to assess the potential demand for cryptocurrencies from hedge funds and other large investors. Although the bank denied the plan, there is news that they have preliminary assessment results.

However, if you put the same energy, time and money on human-computer interaction, such as the Bitcoin community that focuses on machine mining, the effect may be quite different. As long as you install the client, set up the mining machine, and access the mining pool, once the block is generated, Bitcoin will be credited to the account instantly. This is a benefit transfer chain with a very short feedback cycle and a high success rate. Only under the stimulus of this continuous positive feedback of the Bitcoin network, we have seen the Bitcoin community composed of vested interests gathered due to the scattered wealth. Although this community is a bit different from what people imagined-its main interaction is between people and computers, not between other community members, but it doesn't matter. In this area where individual differences are too large and common memories are weak In the ages, the depth of communication between strangers has already degraded to be no different from human-computer interaction (except for quarrels), just like various OTC legal currency trading areas, people use automatic replies and transfers to each other. Interaction makes the author often wonder if I am dealing with machines.

In most cases, it is sufficient for the machine to use its own type of token. Only in rare cases do we need to convert these Tokens with other digital currencies and convert them with legal currencies based on a certain exchange rate. Conversions are not frequent, and the exchange rate for conversion is not particularly important.

At the end of 2017, he quit his job in Paxos and opened a programming training camp worth 3,000 to 4,000 US dollars-how programmers build a wallet and blockchain from scratch. He has written a book on the course for O'ReillyMedia and plans to open an online course.

Earlier research reports by Ernst & Young showed that more than 10% of the funds of digital currency ICO were lost or stolen in hacker attacks. Ernst & Young analyzed more tThe first bitcoin transactionhan 372 ICOs and found that about $400 million of the $3.7 billion raised by these projects so far has been stolen, accounting for 8%.

As for how the blockchain can empower the real economy, many practical paths have emerged in society. The chain reform initiative initiated by the Blockchain Professional Committee of the Communications Industry Association is an important force. How to correctly understand the chain reform? What are the results of the chain reform action? With these questions in mind, a reporter from "Securities Daily" interviewed Gao Bin, the deputy chairman of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the Communications Industry Association.

The price trend of Bitcoin has also affected the overall market of other virtual tokens. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noted that Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. have all plummeted from 0:00 on the 8th, with a single-day drop of more than 10%. Coincidentally, just a month ago, Bitcoin was also on the hot search for rising above $10,000. However, this price has not stabilized, and the carnival only lasted for 3 days before the market pulled back and soon began to fall.